Mother’s Day celebration luncheon will follow after services today. 崇拜后举行庆祝母亲节午餐。


教会已不再通过Zoom 直播英文堂和中文堂崇拜聚会。 鼓励大家尽可能亲自到教会敬拜。周日的讲道仍将被录影下来并放在教会网站上供日后观看。

CBCR is no longer carry live streaming by Zoom on both English and Chinese worship services.  Everyone is encouraged to attend worship services in person at church whenever possible.  Sunday sermons will continue to be recorded and posted on CBCR website for later viewing. —————————————————————-

普通话主日崇拜 Mandarin Worship Service

Time 时间: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Our Mandarin worship service is traditional yet contemporary. we emphasize on worshiping our God through music, prayer, Scripture reading, offering, and preaching of the Word.
我们的普通话主日崇拜既传统又现代。我们专注于通过音乐,祈祷,读经,奉献和讲道来敬拜上帝。 第五周主日为見证主日, 預備赞美神的心, 为主作美好的見证。


英语主日崇拜 English Worship Service

Time 时间: 9:30 am – 10:45 am
Our English worship service is casual yet solemn. It offers contemporary worship music, personal reflection, corporate prayer, and faithful preaching of the Word. The 5th Sunday of the month will be Testimony Sunday


**每月第一主日时间如下 The schedule of 1st Sunday of each month:

Time 时间: 9:30 am – 10:15   
  • 集体祷告会 Corporate Prayer
  • 儿童项目Children’s program
  • 初中和高中学生在附加房屋团契 Middle and High School students fellowship in the trailer       
Time 时间: 10:30 am – 12:00
  • 联合主餐崇拜 Combined Worship Service and Communion
  • 儿童主日学 Children’s Sunday School
** Fellowhip lunch will follow. 隨后交誼午餐

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