The Youth Group will be joining the youth from GCBCR for World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine on Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13, at the West End church.

Please support our youth as they participate in 30 Hour Famine. Pray for the event and those participating. If you can, make a donation through one of the youth to 30 Hour Famine. Consider fasting with them from Friday noon to Saturday at 6 pm, or just for a meal or two during that time.

We will also need help with providing the youth with a meal at the end of the fast Saturday. If you would be willing to bring food that evening, please talk to Tenny.

For details of World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine

青少年团契将于 4 月 12 日和 13 日(星期五和星期六)与西区 GCBCR 的青少年一起参加世界宣明会的 30 小时飢饉活动, 地点 在西区教会.

请支持参加这 30 小时飢饉活动的青少年们, 为他们祷告; 通过其中一位青少年向宣明会飢饉 30 捐款, 考虑与他们一起从星期五中午到星期六下午 6 点进行禁食, 或者在此期间禁食一两顿饭.

我们亦需要在星期六禁食结束后为青少年提供一顿饭食. 如果您愿意在那天晚上带食物来帮助, 请与Tenny 联系.