*** Children SUNDAY SCHOOL 儿童主日学 ***

Chinese Children Sunday School 中文儿童主日学

9:30 am 早上9时30分

高兴和不同背景和年龄的孩子们分享我们引以为豪的中国传统。我们透过圣经故事, 儿童诗歌, 圣经经文, 書写彩画, 手工勞作, 来学习怎么读和写汉字。我们欢迎华人家庭的孩子或有兴趣学习汉语成为第二语言的孩子们, 一起加入这𠆤多元化的班级。

We are proud to share our Chinese heritage with the children amongst us. We teach children of all backgrounds and ages the Chinese language using the Bible. Children learn to understand and speak the Chinese language, recognize, and write Chinese characters through bible songs, story time, bible scripture, activity sheets, crafts, etc. We welcome heritage Chinese learners and children interested in learning Chinese as a second language.

English Children Sunday School 英文儿童主日学

9:30 am 早上9时30分

上午九点半至 十一点主日学班欢迎从幼儿园到五年级的所有孩子。通过祈祷,歌曲,和以图片或视频及地图讲解的故事和经节背读,孩子们得以学习了解谁是上帝,祂的爱和属性,以及与耶稣的关系。为了帮助年幼的孩子,课堂也提供较有灵活性和不同级别的课程材料。若时间许可,为增加乐趣和参与度,课程也包括其他和主题配搭的活动,如游戏和手工。

The Sunday School from 9:30 to 11:00 am welcomes all children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Through prayers, songs, and stories illustrated in pictures/videos, maps, and memory verses, children learn about God, His love and attributes, and a relationship with Jesus.  The class also offers flexibility for younger children by using different levels of worksheets.  Other activities, such as games and crafts, are also incorporated into the lessons for fun and increased engagement when time allows.

English Elementary School Sunday School 英文小学生主日学

11:00 am 上午11时

为幇助小朋友從小认识上帝, 我们以活泼的教導方式把他們帶到主面前。主日学包括祈祷、唱游、动画圣经故事、圣经问答游戏、读经、背金句、和手工等。小朋友在互动下不但更加明白所学的, 也互相建立了亲密的友情。孩子们按年龄分组:1-2 年级,3-5 年级

To help children know God from an early age, we embrace vivid and engaging lessons to guide them before God. Activities consist of prayer, singing, animated Bible stories, Bible quiz games, Bible reading, memorizing Scriptures, crafts, etc. Through these interactions, children not only comprehend what they have learned but also develop close friendships with each other. Children are grouped into classes by age: Grades 1-2, Grades 3-5.

PreK – K English Sunday School 学前班到幼儿园英语主日学

11:00 am 上午11时

英语学前班到幼儿园主日学旨在满足 4 岁和 5 岁儿童的发展和灵性需求。 孩子们来学习上帝的话语和耶稣对他们的爱。 班级活动包括游戏、圣经故事、歌曲、填色、手工艺和活动纸,这些将让孩子们在学习和灵性成长的过程中保持参与。

The 11:00 am English Pre-K to Kindergarten Sunday School is designed to meet the developmental and learning needs for 4 and 5-year-olds. Children come to learn about the Word of God and Jesus’s love for them. Class activities include games, Bible stories, songs, coloring, crafts, and activity sheets that will keep children engaged as they learn and grow.

Nursery 幼儿园

11:00 am 上午11时

对于最小的婴儿,我们鼓励他们通过与世界互动来玩耍和体验上帝。 我们的幼儿园有互动游乐区,让婴幼儿可以锻炼身体,学爬,爬,玩得开心! 我们一起读书,一起跳舞,听圣经歌曲。 幼儿园课程专为从出生到 3 岁的儿童设计。

For the youngest babes, we encourage play and experience God through interacting with the world. Our nursery has an interactive play area for infants and toddlers to exercise their body, learn to crawl, climb, and have fun! We read books together and have dance sessions with bible songs. The nursery program is designed for children from birth to 3 years old.


Young Professionals English Sunday School 年轻专业人士主日学

11:00 am

The Young Professionals Sunday School class engages in discussion-driven explorations of how to think about and live out our Christian faith, using the Bible and other Christian materials to initiate conversation.


Mature Adult English Sunday School 成人英文主日学

11:00 am

The Mature Adult Sunday School class is open to all who enjoy studying the Bible.  This class usually works through books of the Bible chapter by chapter.