“Since 1845, almost 25,000 Southern Baptist missionaries have shared the gospel, made disciples, planted churches and planted their lives in 185 countries around the world. This interactive timeline celebrates 175 years of Southern Baptists on mission through the International Mission Board, which was originally called the Foreign Mission Board. Get to know missionaries whose names may have been forgotten but whose stories remind us of the power of God and the courage of His people. Learn about significant moments in Southern Baptist history, often shaped by events happening in the world at large. Celebrate God’s faithfulness through 175 years of remarkable missions history.” – imb.org/175

The International Mission Board (IMB) is celebrating her 175th anniversary this year. This is a significant milestone and is particularly meaningful to our Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond family. 

175 years ago, the first people group that the IMB strategically outreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the people in China.  Missionaries like Matthew Yates and Lottie Moon gave their lives for the Chinese people for the glory of God and the sake of His kingdom. 

But we are also the direct beneficiary. 

In 1956, when our church was still an informal small group of Chinese believers, Dr. Eugene Lowell Hill took over the preaching and pastoral ministry of this group. Dr. Hill was a retired IMB missionary who had served the Chinese churches sacrificially in East Asia for many years for the sake of the gospel. He had laid a solid foundation for our church from 1956 to 1977.

If you want to learn more about the history of the IMB and how God has used ordinary people to accomplish many extraordinary tasks in the past 175 years, visit the IMB 175th anniversary official site at https://www.imb.org/175/.